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‘Sustainability’ is often used in contradictory terms nowadays. Here, our perception of sustainability relates to our interaction with nature, resources and values.

Living consciously, protecting and preserving the fauna and flora, using regional products and processing these products with care – this is how we do things at the Xandl-Stadl in Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

Our contribution


No plastic

Our environment is being contaminated with plastic. Here at the Xandl-Stadl, we purchase our food primarily from the producer directly and focus on sustainable packaging. We seek to use as little plastic packaging as is remotely possible. We do not use any plastic cups or the like in our ski bar.

Meat from healthy animals

No factory farming

All of the meat used at our restaurant comes from our own livestock and from suppliers in Austria which comply with the appropriate animal welfare standards.

Our wild game comes from animals sourced from local forests or local hunters who have killed the animals out in nature. Our chef, Rosemarie Hasenauer, is herself an ethical hunter and places great emphasis on a fair approach both in the forests and in the kitchen. We reject the use of animals from wild game enclosures subjected to artificial feeding.

Regional food

Pinzgau - Salzburg - Österreich

Our food and speciality menus feature almost exclusively culinary delights based on produce from the region or at the very least from Austria.

Nevertheless, we feel our food menu is packed full and includes a wide range of gourmet treats for our guests.

Careful cooking

Preserving quality

We place great emphasis on quality when it comes to choosing our food. We strive to prepare the food with great care to ensure that this quality is retained on the plate.


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