Menu and dishes of the day

Our à la carte dishes

At our restaurant, we offer a wide range of dishes. The lunch menu is different from the evening menu. 

Each day, we also offer 2 – 3 dishes based on the market offering.

Want a quick bite to eat or a multi-course menu? Choose from our menu and seek advice from our well-trained and informed staff.

And of course, there are drinks and wines to complement your food.

Extract from the
evening menu

(18:00 - 21:00)


  • Finely sliced beef smoked with juniper and beech wood

    with a cranberry horseradish cream, bread and butter

  • Carpaccio á la Cipriani of Pinzgau beef

    with a white pepper sauce

  • Winter leaf salad

    with tomato & basil pesto, roasted bacon and        Grana Padano


  • Beef fillet steak in a pepper & Cognac sauce

    with Mediterranean vegetables and potato purée

  • Grilled platter, selection of meats

    with green beans in bacon, fries, herb butter and a spicy grill dip

  • Mushroom risotto with mushrooms from the Zwölferkogel

    and Grana Padano


  • Flambéed sugared pancakes

    with stewed plums and vanilla ice-cream

  • ‘Snow balls’, curd & nougat dumplings

    with coconut and egg liqueur foam

  • Cheese platter, selection of cheeses

    with chutney and bread

Extract from the
lunch menu



  • Xandl's herb & garlic prawns

    fried in olive oil and 
served with a delicately marinated leaf salad

  • Carpaccio à la Cipriani of Pinzgau beef

    with a white pepper sauce

  • Carpaccio of Pinzgau beef

    in truffle oil with Parmesan shavings


  • Xandl burger . . . naturally home-made

    made from high-quality mince meat with a cocktail sauce, onion rings, fried bacon and cheese, fries and Ketchup

  • Rump steak

    with green beans in bacon, fries and herb butter

  • Pinzgau cheese dumpling

    with roasted onions and chives
served with a small leaf salad


  • Styria pumpkin seed oil on the rocks

    Vanilla ice-cream with Styrian pumpkin seed oil, whipped cream and pumpkin seeds

  • Hot love

    Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream

  • Apple strudel with vanilla sauce or whipped cream

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Eating and drinking go together

Unsere Weinkarte wird Sie überzeugen! Genießen Sie ein Glas Rot-, Weiß- oder Rosé-Wein zu Ihrem Essen. 


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