Our concept of good food

Gourmet concepts in Hinterglemm

A ‘gourmet’ in gastronomy is a person who is an expert connoisseur of sophisticated food and drink.

We believe that all of our guests are ‘gourmets’ – and so our offering from the kitchen and bar needs to be of the highest quality to reflect this. Good cuisine is characterised by craftsmanship, creativity and the notion of how harmonies develop. Classic cuisine re-interpreted in a cosy ambience and a warm atmosphere are the best ingredients for a successful dish.

Vegetables from local gardens, meat from free-range animals, top quality spices and the very best ingredients – no more and no less goes into our pots and pans! We can guarantee the quality of our produce!

“Look after the body so that the soul wants to live there”.

Winston Churchill

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Eating and drinking go together

Unsere Weinkarte wird Sie überzeugen! Genießen Sie ein Glas Rot-, Weiß- oder Rosé-Wein zu Ihrem Essen. 


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