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Wild game and specialities

If you love wild game meat, the Xandl-Stadl is the place for you! We offer exclusively wild game specialities from our mountains and forests. We source the meat fresh from regional suppliers and local hunters. Meat from free-range wild animals is used in our kitchens – we do not purchase specially bred or artificially fed wild game.

And you can tell by the taste! Let us pamper your taste buds!

Extract of wild game dishes

  • Venison carpaccio with a porcini emulsion and home-made chips
  • Venison ragout in a red wine sauce with apple & red cabbage and truffled spätzle

We offer specialities of the house which may not be available every day. Classics for gourmets and pleasure-seekers.

Extract of specialities

  • Saddle of chamois or venison roasted whole with a porcini mushroom sauce, red wine jus, creamed polenta and cranberry cream
  • (order in advance only; for min. 4 people)

“You are what you eat”.

Ludwig Feuerbach

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Eating and drinking go together

Unsere Weinkarte wird Sie überzeugen! Genießen Sie ein Glas Rot-, Weiß- oder Rosé-Wein zu Ihrem Essen. 


Einzeltisch, Stube oder eine Feier?

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